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Potato Growing

Patriotic Potatoes

Red, White and Blue Potatoes? The garden is planted this season with Red Pontiac, Norland red skins, Russet Burbank, and Russian Blue potatoes.

Cold Frames Extend Season

Cold Frames in the Garden

David Peacock has designed an built two cold frames for our garden to extend our growing season. We planted them in April and gave the young plants a jump start…

Planting heirloom tomatoes

Planting Heirloom Tomatoes

The Parkview Neighbourhood Garden is in full planting mode. Old and new volunteers are tenderly planting heirloom tomato plants. These are a rare variety that look more like eggplant or…


Planting Day at Parkview Neighbourhood Garden

Gardeners and volunteers of all ages came together at Parkview Neighbourhood Garden as it launched its fourth fruit and vegetable garden planting event. Nestled by the McKenzie House, Parkview Garden…