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gibson house

Gibson House Summer Day Camp Visitors

On a recent Wednesday, volunteer Nan Davey, hosted a group of school-age children from our neighbour across Yonge Street, Gibson House Summer Day Camp. Nan talked about planting and the…


Sun & Rain in July is Just What the Garden Needs

Remember: Sales Sundays at 2 pm and Thursdays at 7pm One of our potato patches Thai Pink Tomatoes Radishes have been a big seller already Red Leaf Lettuce Chives Sage…


Volunteer Visitor

We have a very diverse group of volunteers. Recently, one of the group leaders was approached by a neighbour who said her father-in-law was visiting from China for several months…


New Fruit Trees Planted

A number of fruit trees were purchased for the garden and planted in our little orchard in June. Another plum and ear tree among them.

lavender shortbread cookies

Lavender Shortbread Cookies

As a followup to Christopher Radko’s wonderful article on Lavender Love, I found this great blog article on Lavender Shortbread cookies. A great blog to follow A Garden For The…